Sep 2016

New art exhibit opens this weekend

Please join us Saturday, October 1 from 5-7pm to celebrate the works of Michael Cellan.

Michael Cellan is a Colorado artist who works in many techniques and media. He taught high school art for 42 years and taught his students really cool, unusual, stuff. Michael has been in many shows and won many awards. He is co-owner of the Bridge Gallery in Colorado and teaches workshops on clay printmaking and various other techniques in Colorado and Taos, New Mexico.


Michael Cellan will perform a clay print demonstration during the reception!

You start a clayprint by building a slab of clay in a wooden frame and allow it to become leather hard (the matrix). Colored slips are applied and textures are embedded and carved into the surface of the matrix.  A sheet of polyester (the substrate) is placed over the design and hand pressure is applied with a wooden pizza roller and spoon. A thin layer (about the thickness of a human hair) of colored clays adhere to the substrate. The print is permanently bonded to the surface which becomes an archival monotype distinguished by its velvety surface and rich color.

Our New Exhibit “IDA” by Dillon Phillips and Luciana Varkulja reception will be held Saturday, September 10, 6-8pm. Please join us!